New Electronic Filing Reject Codes for Tax Year 2008

The table below shows the new electronic filing reject codes for tax year 2008. The table includes the rejection code and the description of the rejection.

Code Description
050 The city, village, or township code cannot be blank.
055 The municipality cannot be blank.
060 The county cannot be blank.
065 The school code cannot be blank.
970 Net Tax Paid to Another State Credit (Form 1, line 33) is claimed, and no Schedule OS is filed.
657 Income of only wages, interest, & dividends is allowed on Form 1NPR.
658 Residence status is missing for one or both of the filers on a joint Form 1NPR return.
659 Residence status is missing for the filers on a single Form 1NPR.
660 Dates filer lived in WI are missing on a return where one or both filers are part year residents on Form 1NPR.
661 The state code is missing on a non-resident return on Form 1NPR.
662 The date format is incorrect on Form 1NPR.
663 The state code is missing when Net Tax Paid to Another State credit is claimed on Form 1.
664 Schedule OS is missing the state code.
665 Veteran's Credit is claimed on a Form 1 along with another type of property tax credit such as school property tax credit, Homestead credit, farmland preservation credit, or farmland tax relief credit. Only one is allowed.
666 The underpayment interest (UPI) box is filled with an incorrect value. Only the numbers 2 through 9 or blank are acceptable.
667 The bank account number is missing on a return that has selected electronic payment or deposit.

March 6, 2009