Top Reasons for Electronic Filing Rejects for Tax Year 2007

The table below shows the top six reasons electronic filed returns were rejected by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for tax year 2007. The table includes the rejection code and the description of the rejection.

Code Description
656 Form 1NPR – Moved out of WI before the end of the year; however, no Legal Residence (Domicile) Questionnaire submitted.
970 Form 1 – Net Tax Paid to Another State Credit is claimed; however no Schedule OS-E submitted.
985 Schedule H, Property Tax Bill – All of the following information isn't provided: the year, owner(s), owner type, property address, assessed land and improvement value and acres (when more than one).
992 Schedule H is filed, but missing a Rent Certificate or Property Tax Bill.
996 Direct Debit payment date is blank.
997 Direct Debit payment date is invalid. Must be no later than April 16th for timely returns and no later than submission date for late and extension returns.

March 6, 2009