Individual Income Tax Update

​​​​Reminders for Individual Income Tax Preparers

We have a number of direct deposits being returned to the department from the financial institutions. Please make sure you have entered the correct routing number for your client's financial institution and your client's correct financial account number. If you have entered an incorrect routing number or account number, the department will have to issue a paper check. This process can take an additional three to four weeks to complete.

We have a number of checks being returned as undeliverable because the apartment number is missing from the address. Please make sure the address is complete and up to date so any refund check can be properly delivered by the United States Postal Service.

Reasons for Delays to Individual Income Tax Refunds

Refunds from Wisconsin returns filed in the Federal/State ELF Program will usually be issued within one week if direct deposited and two weeks if paper check. However, certain conditions will delay refunds and may change refund amounts. This happens with refunds from electronically filed returns, as well ​as with refunds from paper returns.

Some possible reasons for refund delays:

A paper check will be issued if direct deposit is not possible.

Individual Income Tax - Processing Season At A Glance

As of February 13, 2009, the department has received a total of 674,076 returns, with 622,914 being electronically filed and 51,162 being paper filed.

February 19, 2009