Telefile Discontinued for Individual Income Tax

​​Effective for 2008 individual income tax returns, the Department of Revenue will no longer allow the filing of returns using TeleFile. TeleFile allowed individuals to file their income tax returns by telephone.

The number of persons filing their tax returns using TeleFile has steadily decreased. While 126,800 individuals used TeleFile for 2000 returns, only 25,600 used it to file 2007 returns. Because of the decreased usage and increased costs of providing the TeleFile system, the program will be discontinued.

Individuals can use TeleFile until October 15, 2008 to file 2007 returns.

The department will contact individuals who filed their 2007 returns using TeleFile to explain other electronic filing options available to them.

The Wisconsin TeleFile for sales and use tax returns will continue to be available.

September 24, 2008