Electronic Funds Transfer Provides Easy, Secure Withholding Tax Payments

Withholding Tax Deposit Report Booklets (Form WT-6) Discontinued in July

As part of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's (DOR's) ongoing efforts to expand electronic filing, modernize procedures and reduce costs, the issuance of preprinted Withholding Deposit Report (Form WT-6) coupon booklets was discontinued July 21, 2008. Form WT-6 is used to report the amount of taxes employers withheld from employee wages during a certain period. Withholding tax accounts existing in January 2008 received a booklet with coupons for the entire year, as did all taxpayers who registered for a new withholding tax account prior to July 21, 2008.

DOR strongly encourages all withholding tax registrants to make their withholding tax payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which has become the industry standard for payment transactions between businesses. EFT is a simple transfer of funds from a taxpayer's financial institution to the Department's depository bank for credit to the taxpayer's withholding tax account.

Taxpayer benefits EFT has several advantages over making payments with paper checks. Electronic payments are more accurate and eliminate many common errors that require manual intervention on the part of the taxpayer and DOR staff. The receipt of electronic payments is acknowledged as being on file with DOR, and EFT provides a high standard of security and confidentiality. EFT also allows taxpayers to deduct tax payments from their account on the day that they specify.

Hardship waivers The Secretary of Revenue may waive the requirement to file electronically when it is determined that the requirement causes an undue hardship. The Secretary may consider unusual circumstances that may prevent a taxpayer from filing electronically, such as the onset of a disabling illness or injury, or a natural disaster. Taxpayers must request a waiver in writing, clearly indicating why the requirement causes an undue hardship. Waiver requests should be mailed to Mandate Waiver Request, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, PO Box 8949, Madison WI 53708-8949.

In cases where a waiver is granted, taxpayers have the option of using a paper fill-in form that is available from the DOR website. This fill-in form is also available to all taxpayers that are not currently mandated to file electronically. After September 1, 2008, taxpayers may also call DOR at (608) 266-6226 and request a WT-6 report for a specific period be mailed to them.

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Customer Service Bureau
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September 2, 2008