Elimination of WT-6 Coupon Booklet

​​When the Department initiated its annual mailing of Withholding Deposit Report Booklets (Form WT-6) earlier this year, taxpayers were advised that this would be the last coupon booklet they would receive. While taxpayers may continue to use their paper WT-6's through the end of the calendar year, beginning with deposits due in January 2009, the Department will only accept withholding tax payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT), per Wisconsin Administrative Code 1.12(4), if withholding deposits for 2008 were $10,000 or more. Please visit our website at Electronic Funds Transfer - General Information​ for more information about this payment method.

If this requirement imposes an undue hardship, you may request a hardship waiver from the Secretary of Revenue, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, PO Box 8949, Madison, WI, 53708-8949. Clearly indicate why this requirement causes an undue hardship.

If you qualify for a hardship waiver from electronic filing, or your withholding deposits for 2008 were less than $10,000, you may create and submit a customized paper WT-6 by visiting our website at Withholding Tax Forms. Be sure to complete the entire form to ensure proper posting to your account.

May 23, 2008