How to Apply for the Dairy Manufacturing Facility Investment Credit

​​Effective for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2007, a dairy manufacturing facility investment credit is available to individuals and corporations who modernize or expand a dairy manufacturing operation in Wisconsin. The credit may also be computed by and passed through a tax-option (S) corporation, partnership, limited liability company, estate, or trust.

This credit was enacted by 2007 Wisconsin Act 20. Details of the activities qualifying for the credit and the credit computation were provided in the December 2007 edition of the Wisconsin Tax Bulletin.

For the State of Wisconsin's fiscal year 2007-08, the total credit that may be claimed for all taxpayers is limited to $600,000. (This cap increases to $700,000 for the fiscal year 2008-09 and subsequent years.) The Department of Commerce is responsible for allocating this amount to qualifying claimants. To receive the dairy manufacturing facility investment credit, a claimant must first apply to the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. Following is a summary of how to apply for the credit:

The Department of Commerce is currently working on Administrative Rules to provide further guidance. If you have questions about this credit, you may contact Steven Sabatke, Economic Development Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Commerce, at (608) 267-0762 or by email at

January 17, 2008