Verify Available Estimated Tax Payments Online

​​The Department of Revenue is offering a new application that allows individuals, practitioners and corporations to verify estimated tax payments available in order to file their current year return. The application will display all unapplied estimated tax payments, including prior and future years, so taxpayers and practitioners can determine available payments. This service is part of an ongoing effort to better serve customers by providing more information electronically.

Individuals, corporations, and practitioners may use the Estimated Tax Verification application to determine if an estimated payment using a 1 ES or 4 ES payment voucher is available to be applied on a return. Only payments that have not yet been claimed on a processed return will be displayed. If the payment is displayed, the payment is available to be applied to the return.

In addition to the 1 ES and 4ES payments, the following payments may be accessed: Credit Carry Forwards, Extension Payments, W-200 Payments (Pre-Payment of Tax) and WT-11 Payments (Entertainer Deposit).

How it works:

To look up payments, an individual, corporation or practitioner must authenticate themselves by providing the SSN, FEIN or Wisconsin Tax Number (WTN) of the person or entity for whom they wish to look up payments. In addition, the individual, corporation or practitioner must provide the amount of one of the last three payments made or the amount of the Wisconsin income from the prior year's return.

If authenticating using the income option, the following lines from the prior year's returns may be used:

  • Form 1, line 13 (Individual Income)
  • Form 1A, line 11 (Individual Income)
  • Form WI-Z, line 1 (Individual Income)
  • Form 1X, line 1 (Individual Income)
  • Form 1NPR, line 32 (Individual Income)
  • Form 2, line 5 (Corporation)
  • Form 4, line 13 (Corporation)
  • Form 4I, line 17 (Corporation)
  • Form 4T, Line 3 (Corporation)
  • Form 5, Line 7 (Corporation)
  • Form 5S, Line 3 (Corporation)

When verifying estimated payments for married couples, check both SSN's in case the payment was made solely under either spouse's SSN.

Please contact the Department of Revenue with questions at (608) 266-2772 for Individual Income or (608) 266-0800 for Corporation.

January 7, 2008