Software Vendors Providing Wisconsin Corporate E-Filing Services; Partnership Returns are Next

​ During the first full year of the combined Federal/State Corporation Electronic Filing program, Wisconsin corporation franchise and income tax return filers accounted for one third of all corporation returns e-filed with the IRS. Over 11,000 electronically filed 2006 returns have been received by the Department of Revenue.

This e-filing program supports the combined filing of the federal, Wisconsin and several other states' returns in one submission to the IRS. Electronic payment of tax due or a request for a direct deposit refund can be submitted with the return.

Four software companies presently provide corporate e-file for Wisconsin. They are CCH, Thompson/RIA, Intuit and Drake.

Rule Tax 1.12, Wisconsin Administrative Code, makes electronic funds transfer (EFT) mandatory for corporation franchise or income tax payments when the net tax less refundable credits on the prior year's tax return equals or exceeds $40,000. Further information on this requirement and instructions for registration can be obtained by contacting (608) 266-2776 or sending an email to EFT presents an easy way to submit estimated tax payments when due throughout the year, either on-line or through a touchtone telephone.

Partnership e-filing is open for business at the Department of Revenue but is not supported by any of the software vendors at this time. The Department is continuing to work with our vendor partners to promote the ability for you to file Partnership Returns electronically.

Forms K-1 can be submitted electronically. Information on how to do this is provided in the Form 3 Instructions.

December 26, 2007