Exemption for Certain Title Holding Companies

(2017 Wis. Act 231, amends sec. 77.54(9m) and creates sec. 77.54(9a)(fc), effective September 1, 2017)

Effective September 1, 2017, an exemption from sales and use tax is provided for sales to title holding entities organized under sec. 501(c)(2), IRC, and exempt from federal income tax under sec. 501(a), IRC.

To claim the exemption, the entity must apply for a Certificate of Exempt Status (CES) number. See the instructions on page 2 of Form S-103, Application for Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exempt Status (CES), for how to apply for a CES number.

See the article, Exemption for Building Materials That Become Part of Facility Owned by Local Government or Qualifying Exempt Entity, for information regarding the changes made to sec. 77.54(9m), Wis. Stats.

May 8, 2019