2017 Statement of Assessment (SOA) – Due June 12, 2017

Date: June 7, 2017

To: Municipal Clerks and Treasurers
      County Treasurers

** If you already submitted this form, please disregard this message.

This is a reminder from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) that you must electronically file (e-file) your 2017 SOA (Form PA-521C).

General SOA Information

  • Due: June 12, 2017, or after your 2017 Board of Review (BOR)
  • You do not need to inform us if your BOR will be held later

Two ways to file

You may either e-file your form or use file transfer to send your text file.

  1. E-file form
    • Go to our "Online Filing" web page
    • Complete form and submit
    • Print/save a copy for your records, including your confirmation number
  2. File transfer
    • Go to our "File Transfer" web page
    • Your file must use the file transfer layout
    • Note: You must include the assessor name and phone number
    • Submit file and receive "receipt number." If your file is unable to load, we will contact you.

If you have questions, contact us at lgs@wisconsin.gov.