2017 Tax Incremental District Annual Report Available for Filing

February 15, 2018

To:  TID List
       Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Please disregard this message if you do not have a Tax Incremental District (TID) in your municipality.

Under the 2015 Act 257, municipalities with an active TID in 2017 must electronically submit an Annual Report for each TID to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR).

The TID Annual Report (Form PE-300) is now available on our website and must be filed by July 2, 2018.

Getting Started

  • Gather your municipality's 2017 TID Annual Report data for each TID
  • Open the TID Annual Report (Form PE-300) – first time you click the form, you must enter your email address
  • Go to the email message with the subject "Login authorization link" and click the provided link
  • Select the TID Annual Report – complete the form, submit and print a copy for your records
  • Submit an original report electronically to DOR on or before the July 2 deadline

Municipality's Next Steps

  • Notify each TID's Joint Review Board (JRB) members when the report is available
  • Publish a notice five days before the JRB meeting to review the Annual Report

Items to Note

  • Changes in 2017 report:
    • Revenue section now comes before Expenditures section
    • New fields: 
      • Revenue section - Debt proceeds
      • Expenditures section - Transfer to other funds and DOR fees
      • Ending Balance section - Future revenue
  • Penalty for late reports – municipality must pay $100 per day per TID until report is submitted
  • Recommended browsers – Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • After submission, reports are published on DOR's website the next business day

Website References


Email: tif@wisconsin.gov
Phone: Stacy Leitner (608) 261-5335
           Kristin Filipiak (608) 266-5708