2017 Manufacturing and Telecommunication Notification Rolls

February 15, 2017

TO: Certified Assessors, Public Assessor List,
       County Real Property Listers, Treasurers, Clerks,
       Register of Deeds, Municipal Clerks and Treasurers


The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted the 2017 notification rolls to our website.

Note: DOR no longer mails manufacturing and telecommunication notification rolls to municipalities.

Manufacturing Notification Roll

The manufacturing notification roll identifies all real estate and personal property in your municipality currently classified as Manufacturing (Class 3) for assessment purposes. DOR will assess the properties in the notification roll in 2017.


  • DOR may add or remove parcels and businesses until it finalizes the assessment roll
  • New manufacturers must contact us by March 1, 2017 for manufacturing classification approval for assessment year
  • 2017 Assessment rolls are available in three formats:
    • Adobe PDF - by county
    • Data file - comma separated values (CSV)
    • Web view - HTML

Steps to take

  1. Download the manufacturing property notification rolls (Adobe PDF) for your county at Manufacturers Page, locate your municipality's roll and print a copy for your records

  2. Carefully review the notification roll to help avoid issues that impact the December tax rolls

    • Notify us if you see uncoded or miscoded properties
    • Closely review the coding for TIDs, schools, technical colleges and special districts in your municipality. Also pay attention to the real estate and personal property items to review, listed below.

      1. Items to review – Manufacturing Real Estate

        1. New, amended or dissolved Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs) or other special tax districts
        2. School district boundary changes within the municipality
        3. New manufacturing properties in the municipality since the last assessment
        4. Manufacturers that ceased operation since the last assessment
        5. Manufacturing properties included in territory gained or lost through annexation since the last assessment
        6. Any change of legal descriptions affecting manufacturing parcels since the last assessment
        7. Parcels converted to manufacturing use since the last assessment
        8. Properties assessed as manufacturing during the prior year converted to non-manufacturing use
        9. Manufacturing property building permits issued in the municipality for the past year

      2. Items to review – Manufacturing Personal Property

        1. New manufacturing personal property accounts or deletions of accounts (out of business or relocated)
        2. Leasing company reports that include equipment located at manufacturers 
          (Exception: Locally assessed leasing companies listed on our website at Manufacturers Page)

  3. Missing or incorrect information – if the notification roll is missing information or is incorrect, contact the Manufacturing & Utility Bureau District Office in your area

  4. Note: The data file (CSV) and viewable web page (HTML) manufacturing assessment rolls (notification, full value and equated value) are available through the Manufacturing Assessment Roll application

Telecommunications Company (Telco) Assessment System Notification Lists

Telco property assessed by DOR is exempt from general property taxes (sec. 70.112(4)(b), Wis. Stats.).

Telco Real Estate Notification List

  1. Download the telco real estate notification lists for your county at Telco and Other Utilities Page, locate your municipality's list and print a copy for your records

    • Telco property assessed by DOR is exempt from general property taxes (sec. 70.112(4)(b), Wis. Stats.)

  2. Carefully review the notification list

    • This list identifies the telco real estate parcels located in your municipality currently assessed by DOR
    • Notify us of real estate you believe DOR should assess as telco property

Telco Personal Property List

  1. DOR assesses all telco personal property
  2. Telephone Companies Assessed by Wisconsin Department of Revenue List

    • Review this list at Telco and Other Utilities Page
    • It identifies all companies currently classified as a Telco
    • Refer to this list to avoid double assessments on telco property in your municipality


Contact us – if you have questions, contact the Manufacturing & Utility Bureau District Office in your area.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in developing a fair, equitable and accurate assessment roll.