Managed Forest Land (MFL) Settlement Distributions – Law Change

December 4, 2017

To:  Municipal Clerks and Treasurers
       County Clerks and Treasurers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue would like to inform you of the changes made to Managed Forest Land (MFL) settlement distributions, in the 2017-19 State Budget (2017 Wisconsin Act 59). Starting with 2018 MFL distributions from the 2017-18 tax year, the MFL classes listed below will be settled 80 percent to the municipality and 20 percent to the county.

MFL Classes

MFL parcels entered:

  • Before 2005 (closed) – $1.87/acre
  • After 2004 (closed) – $10.68/acre
  • Before 2005 (closed/ferrous mining) – $8.27/acre

Note: As a result, there will be no MFL or Private Forest Crop amounts settled to the state.

Form Updates

DOR posted an updated file layout for the Municipal Treasurer's Settlement (Form PC-501) file transfer to accommodate this law change.

  • Fields for lines 48L, 50L, and 51L are now reserved and require all zeros
  • The e-file Form PC-501 will also be updated

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