January 22, 2016

TO: Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Subject: Board of Review Training Affidavit

State law requires one voting member from the Board of Review (BOR) to attend a training session within two years of the BOR's first meeting. State law also requires the municipal clerk to provide the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) with an affidavit showing the training requirement was met.

DOR posted a new BOR Training Affidavit to complete after attending a BOR training session.
To complete the affidavit:

  1. Open the  BOR Training Affidavit
  2. Enter your 5-digit co-muni code
  3. Enter the BOR member's name(s) and dates of training
  4. Review for accuracy and verify it is true, correct and complete
  5. Select "Submit" - you will see a confirmation page
  6. Save/print document for your records

Training Opportunities:

For more information, review the 2016 Guide for BOR Members.

If you have questions, contact us.

Thank you