State Prescribed Forms

April 3, 2017

To: Statutory Assessors and Real Property Listers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) and Wisconsin counties are required to provide state prescribed forms, under state law (sec. 70.09(3), Wis. Stats.).


Sec. 70.09(3), Wis. Stats.

  • (3) Basic tax forms. (a) The department of revenue shall prescribe basic uniform forms of assessment rolls, tax rolls, tax bills, tax receipts, tax roll settlement sheets and all other forms required for the assessment and collection of general property taxes throughout the state, and shall furnish each county designee a sample of the uniform forms.
  • (c) If any county has reason to use forms for assessment and collection of taxes in addition to those prescribed under par. (a), the county real property lister and treasurer jointly may prescribe such additional forms for use in their county, upon approval of the department of revenue.
  • (d) Each county designee who requires the forms prescribed in pars. (a) and (c) shall procure them at county expense and shall furnish such forms to the assessors, clerks and treasurers of the taxation districts within the county, as needed in the discharge of their duties.

Property Record Card (PRC)

  • County must provide paper PRCs (PA-500) when requested by the assessor
    • Format is a four-page, folder type card to keep in a ring binder or file cabinet
    • Designed to use for every real estate parcel
  • Property record card template (PA-500) includes these print specifications:
    • 11 x 17 ¾, folded to 8 x 11 with short panel
    • Prints head to head
    • Black ink
    • 110#buff index
  • Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual (WPAM) – Chapters 7, 8, and 12 reference the PRC requiring creation, maintenance and retention

Examples of Other State Prescribed Forms

  • Notice of Changed Assessment (PR-301)
    • State law (sec. 70.365, Wis. Stats.) – requires paper distribution by regular mail
    • County is required to provide paper Notices to the assessor or municipality at the county's expense
  • Statement of Personal Property (PA-003)
    • State law (sec. 70.35, Wis. Stats.) – does not specify format distribution
    • WPAM allows an assessor to provide an electronic or paper version for the filer to complete
    • County is required to provide paper Statements to the assessor or municipality at the county's expense if requested  by the assessor
  • Work Roll
    • Not prescribed by DOR and may be provided in electronic or paper format
    • WPAM Chapter 7 states, "Contract assessors must pick up the Work Roll when it's made available by the county. The county RPL and or municipal lister will provide notice to the assessor when the Work Roll will be available. It is suggested that Work Rolls be in the possession of the assessor by January 31st of each year."
  • Note: WPAM references other state prescribed forms in Chapters 7, 8, 14, 17, and the Forms Chapter providing state law, format and retention

We appreciate your cooperation and continued effort in providing quality property assessment in Wisconsin.

Thank you,

Division of State and Local Finance
Wisconsin Department of Revenue