2018 Levy Limit Worksheets - Available Online

September 7, 2018

To: Municipal Clerks and Treasurers, County Clerks and Treasurers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted the following 2018 forms on our website:

  • Form SL-202c: County Levy Limit Worksheet
  • Form SL-202m: Municipal Levy Limit Worksheet

Form Information

Form Updates

TID Territory Subtraction Increase

  • Municipalities and counties will receive a levy limit increase after the subtraction of territory from a tax incremental district (TID)
  • Allowable percentage increase equals the prior year value increment of the subtracted TID territory divided by the municipality's prior year equalized value TID Out, multiplied by 50 percent
  • This percentage will be calculated for each applicable municipality and county and shown in Sec. A, Lines 5 and 6

Personal Property Aid Adjustment

  • 2018 municipal and county levy limits were reduced by your upcoming 2019 personal property aid distribution
  • Your 2018 allowable levy limit before adjustments less 2019 personal property aid is shown in Sec. A, Line 8
  • First personal property aid distribution will be May 6, 2019 (i.e., first Monday in May each year)
  • Note: DOR continues to review the new personal property aid including requiring additional reporting from local governments

If you have any questions, contact us at lgs@wisconsin.gov.