Final 2016 sales reports are now available

March 30, 2017

TO: General Assessors
       Certified Assessors

Final 2016 sales reports are now available

The reports include assessment information received in the Provide Assessment Data (PAD) system as of March 10, 2017.

Accessing the Reports

  • To access the reports, log into the eRETR System using your WAMS ID
  • Links to the reports are located on the home screen under "Assessor Sales Reports"

2016 Final Sales Reports

  1. Useable Sales for DOR Ratio Projection – this report includes 2016 sales identified as arm's-length and useable for ratio purposes by the assessor. An assessor may use the report's assessment/sales statistics to assist in estimating the January 1, 2017 level of assessment.

  2. Assessment/Sales Ratio Analysisthis report is an analysis of the 2016 sales the assessor identified as arm's-length and useable for ratio purposes
    1. If a municipality is located within two or more counties, there is a ratio report for each piece of the municipality and a report combining all pieces
    2. The split district report is located within the applicable county
    3. All combined reports for split district municipalities are located in a separate link below the list of counties
    4. Review Chapter 14 of the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual for information on sales ratio statistics

Prior Year Reports

The 2015 Useable Sales Reports and Assessment/Sales Ratio Reports are still available. Links to these reports are on the same web page as the 2016 reports.

Important Deadlines

  1. May 1, 2017 Deadline – Stratified Assessment Data
    • Stratified assessment data or similar information must be submitted to your district office by May 1 for consideration in establishing the 2017 real estate market trends (economic adjustments)
    • Information on stratifying assessments into similar property groupings and a sample DOR spreadsheet are available on our website

  2. June 12, 2017 Deadline – 2017 Assessor Reports
    • Exempt Computer Report (ECR)
    • Municipal Assessment Report (MAR)
    • Tax Increment District Assessment Report (TAR)

    Note: 2017 reports will be available on May 1.  DOR will send an email including filing instructions.

If you have questions, contact the Equalization Bureau District Office in your area.