2019 WPAM V2 Local Modifiers Available

January 8, 2019

To: Statutory Assessors and Public Assessors

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) would like to announce that the 2019 Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual (WPAM) V2 Local Modifiers are now available.

WPAM V2 Access

V2 Updates/Changes

  • Page 316: January 1, 2019 modifiers for the 2018 V2
  • Page 132 (3-74):
    • Updated the label for no heat to reflect this as a deduction
    • Updated information for plumbing fixtures and rough-ins
  • Page 242 (5-47): Updated the label for Steel Frame/Steel Siding Sheds to BD4

If you have comments or questions, contact us at otas@wisconsin.gov.