2018 AAR - Update

May 15, 2018

To: Certified Assessors, Public Assessor List

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue posted an updated version of the 2018 Annual Assessment Report (AAR) on May 4, 2018. You cannot file your AAR if you started it before May 4, 2018.

Steps to submit a 2018 AAR if you started your AAR before May 4, 2018:

  1. Submit your 2018 Municipal Assessment Report (MAR) and 2018 Tax Incremental District Assessment Report (TAR) (if applicable)
  2. Print the 2018 AAR you started
  3. Log into your account and create a NEW 2018 AAR
  4. Enter applicable information from the previously saved copy
  5. Enter applicable updated information
  6. Add attachments
  7. Save as reusable copy to your computer
  8. Submit form

Use the 2018 AAR if you did NOT start a reusable copy prior to May 4, 2018.

Contact us if you have any questions.