Reports P

Personal Income

County Personal Income - April 4, 2007

Property Tax

Composite Conversion Factors (Excel) - 2018

Composite Useful Lives - May 2012

Unindexed 150% Declining Balance (Excel) - 2018

Net New Construction

Property Tax - 2017

Telephone Company Property Tax - 2017

Property Tax Credits

First Dollar Credit - 2017

Lottery and Gaming Tax Credit - 2017

State School Levies Credit - 2017

Property Tax Exemptions

Benevolent Retirement Homes for the Aged

Property Tax Rates

County Property Tax Rates (This report is not available after 2010)

Town, Village and City Taxes Bulletin

Property Tax Ratios

Statement of Equalized Values

Summary of Aggregate Ratios

Real Estate Transfer

Real Estate Transfer Data