Reports E

Earned Income Credit

Wisconsin Earned Income Tax Credit Summaries

Economic Development

Corporate Tax Burden Comparison: Paper Industry - 2004

Corporate Tax Burden Comparison: Biotechnology Industry - 2005

Corporate Tax Climate: Plastics Products Industry - 2006

Corporate Tax Burden Comparison: Wood Products Industry - 2006

State Tax Incentives for Economic Development in Wisconsin – 2015


Wisconsin Metropolitan Area Outlook (12 Largest Cities & Surrounding Counties)

Wisconsin Exports - 2010

Equalized Value

Annual Equalization Report

Certificates of Equalized Values

Equalized Property Values Interactive Data

Fall School District Certification of Equalized Values - Tax Apportionment

Major Class Comparison - 2017

Municipal Debt Margins

Municipal Debt Limit

Net New Construction

Report Used for Apportionment of County Levy

Special District Certification of Equalized Values

Statement of Changes in Equalized Values

Historical Statement of Changes in Equalized Values 1999-2014 (Report 2)

Statistical Report of Property Values

Technical College Certification of Equalized Value


Wisconsin Estate Tax - 2013


Fuel Tax Statistical Reports

Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption - April 2018

Wisconsin's General Fund Excise Taxes - 2017

Wisconsin Liquor Permit Listing

Wisconsin Liquor Tax Monthly Taxable Liters

Wisconsin Fermented Malt Beverage Taxable Barrels

Exempt Computer Aid

Exempt Computer Aid Payment Notices - July 2017

Exempt Computer Value Notices - September 2016


County and Municipal Revenues and Expenditures

Expenditure Restraint Program

ERP Budget Limit Notices - October