Reports C

Capital Gains

The Tax Benefit, Distribution and Asset Composition of Capital Gains in Wisconsin - 2002

Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Tax

Monthly Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Tax Report

Wisconsin's General Fund Excise Taxes - 2016

Wisconsin Cigarette Permit Listing

Wisconsin Tobacco Products Permit Listing

Chargeback Requests (Rescinded or Refunded Property Taxes)

Chargeback Request Notices

Requests for Chargeback (Facsimiles)

Corporate Income Tax

Wisconsin Corporate Income and Franchise Taxes - 2016

Corporate Tax Climate

Corporate Tax Burden Comparison: Paper Industry - 2004

Corporate Tax Burden Comparison: Biotechnology Corporation - 2005

Corporate Tax Burden Comparison: Wood Products Industry - 2006

Corporate Tax Climate: Plastics Products Industry - 2006

County Data

County and Municipal Revenues and Expenditures

County Personal Income - April 4, 2007

County Property Tax Rates (This report is not available after 2010)

County Sales and Use Taxes Per Capita, 1995 and 2003 - 2004

County Sales Tax Distributions

Financial Report Summary

Net New Construction

Statement of Changes in Equalized Values (Report 2)

Statistical Report of Property Values

Uniform Chart of Accounts for Counties - 2008