Reports A

Agricultural Assessment

Use-Value Guidelines for Agricultural Assessment

Use-Value Charge for Converting Agricultural Land s.74.485

Use-Value Charge Guidelines

Aids to Local Governments

Expenditure Restraint Payment - 2013
County and Municipal Aid - 2013

School Levy Tax Credit Notices

Shared Revenue and Related State Aid

Shared Revenue Utility Payments - 2013

State Taxes & Aids by Municipality and County

Alcohol Beverage Taxes

Wisconsin Liquor Permit Listing
Wisconsin Liquor Tax Monthly Taxable Liters
Wisconsin Fermented Malt Beverage Permit Listing
Wisconsin Fermented Malt Beverage Taxable Barrels


Composite Conversion Factors (Excel) - 2018
Composite Useful Lives - May 2012
Manufacturing Assessment Rolls
 Unindexed 150% Declining Balance (Excel) - 2018

Statement of Assessment Line Summaries

Statement of Assessment

Survey of Assessment Practices