The following provides information about the use of the FinancialTransactions schema for including EFT information in e-Filed returns:

  • Direct Debit - StatePayment - You include banking information along with your return and we initiate an ACH transaction to debit the funds from your account. This payment will be warehoused to the date you supply in RequestedSettlementDate . If no date is included in RequestedSettlementDate, the payment will be scheduled for the next business day after the return is received. Example

  • Direct Deposit - RefundDirectDeposit - You may request to have your refund direct deposited into your US bank account by providing your banking information in this portion of FinancialTransactions. Example

  • ACH Credit - ACHCreditInfo - Wisconsin does accept ACH Credit transactions. Use of this element to report your ACH Credit intention is completely optional. Our systems will properly post your ACH Credit payment to your account without the need of information from this element.

  • International ACH Transactions (IAT) - Transactions defined as international by NACHA rules are not supported in the ACH Debit or Refund Direct Deposit portion of the Wisconsin e-file program. We will accept ACH Credit IAT transactions that you originate, but we cannot originate any IAT ACH transactions. You will be required to affirm that Direct Debit, Estimated Payment and Refund Direct Deposit requests do not qualify as IAT transactions as defined by NACHA rules.

  • Routing Transit Number (RTN) - We validate the Routing Transit Number used in Financial Transactions against the Federal Reserve Financial Services E-Payments Routing Directory, even for test returns. All test and production returns with invalid RTN's will be rejected.

November 25, 2011