Form 3K-1 and K-1 File Transmission

Individuals and tax practitioners filing on behalf of partnerships who submit their Forms 3K-1 or K-1 files to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDOR) may now transmit this data in an electronic file over the Internet. This will be a significant savings from filing these forms on magnetic media which we no longer accept or paper. Follow the instructions below to submit your file.

Ready to Transfer 3K-1 or K-1Instructions for sending your file:
  1. We can only accept .ZIP files containing PDF files.
  2. We can only accept files less than 50MB in size. Files larger than 50MB should be divided into two or more .ZIP files. Call the phone number below for the option for larger files.
  3. Each attachment name must be in the following format: Taxpayer's 9 digit social security number, immediately followed by 2009 (the tax year), immediately followed by a number; i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc. Example: If the taxpayer's social security number is 123-45-6789 and the tax year is 2009, the attachment file names would be…
    • 12345678920091.PDF
    • 12345678920092.PDF
    • 12345678920093.PDF
  4. Each attachment file name must be in the format described above and then the attachment files must be zipped together as follows:
    Example: These attachment files…
    • 12345678920091.PDF
    • 23456789020092.PDF
    • 98765432120093.PDF
    Would be zipped together to create a .ZIP file called WHATEVER.ZIP (the name of the zip file doesn't matter) OR If you have multiple taxpayers, these attachment files…
    • 55555555520091.PDF
    • 98765432120091.PDF
    • 12345678920091.PDF
    Would be zipped together to create a .ZIP file called WHATEVER.ZIP
    NOTE: If you do not follow this format, the file will not be attached to the appropriate account.
  5. Click on the Ready To Transfer 3K-1 or K-1 link to begin the transfer process.
  6. Know where the File and attachments are on your PC or Network. Make sure the documents being transmitted are clear and readable.
  7. Make sure that the radio button for "Is this a test file": is checked "No."
  8. On the "Select the File" line, click on the Browse button to locate the required attachments for the K-1s and 3K-1s in PDF Attachments data file on your PC or Network.
  9. Click the "Transfer" button to submit your file.
  10. You will receive a receipt number to verify your file transfer has been completed.


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November 22, 2011