Common Errors - Motor Fuel e-file

  • File naming convention not being followed - your file will not process without the proper file name. It will go into quarantine. The inner file and outer file must have the same name. The inner file must have a .xml extension, and must be zipped into the outer file (which must have a .zip extension).
  • Each file must have a unique name, if you need to resend a file, it must be renamed (both inner and outer)
  • Ampersand (&) in the file, usually in a business name. An ampersand is a special reserved character in XML, it can still be used but must appear as "&" in the XML file.
  • Timestamp format is incorrect, it MUST be ccyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss-hh:mm where the final -hh:mm represents the GMT offset (number of hours behind GMT)
  • Date format - XML date formats are always ccyy-mm-dd (January 8, 2011 = 2011-01-08)
  • The values in most text fields in XML are variable length and will not allow leading or trailing spaces (you will need to trim these off before writing to XML)
  • WI Permit Numbers (also known as Wisconsin Tax Number (WTN), or Tax Account Number (TAN) are 15 digits WITHOUT the dashes)

Customer Service:
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April 12, 2011