Software Developers Guide - Program Overview

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue began accepting state individual income tax returns and corresponding schedules through the new IRS Modernized eFile (MeF) platform beginning in February 2010 for tax year 2009. All Fed/State eFiled returns must come through the MeF platform. The Wisconsin MeF program supports more forms than were available in the legacy program. A complete list of eligible forms and schedules is available on our web site

Wisconsin will accept either linked or unlinked returns. In either case, Wisconsin requires a complete copy of the federal return be included with the state filing.

The transmission method will be a Web Service using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) with attachments messaging. The return data will be formatted using Extensible Markup Language (XML). Authorized E-File providers, also known as Electronic Return Originators (ERO's) can submit returns to the IRS MeF system for federal and state return processing. State returns can be submitted as a federal return with a state return attached, called a "Fed/State" return, or as a state return, known as a "State Only" submission. Each return (Fed/State or State Only) must be in a separate submission. Multiple submissions may be contained in a single message payload. Software developers must test with the department and receive approval prior to submitting live Fed/State or State Only returns.

Payment and refund options: We offer refund direct deposit capabilities and multiple options for making payments.

August 31, 2015