MeF Fiduciary, Estate and Trust Tax Return e-File

The Modernized e-File (MeF) Fed/State program includes:

  • Electronically file Wisconsin estate and trust income tax returns with the federal return in a single electronic transmission!

  • You may also file the Wisconsin return alone.

  • Single point User Authentication will be provided by IRS.

  • The IRS will forward the Wisconsin returns to the Department of Revenue for processing. Wisconsin will send an acknowledgement for each return.

  • PDF attachments are supported.

The Wisconsin program includes:

  • Form 2 and Schedule CC along with most major supporting schedules (see user guide for details).

  • Option of Direct Deposit of refunds.

  • Option of Direct Debit (ACH Debit origination) for balances due and estimated tax payments.

  • Direct Debit requests allow warehousing up to one year.

  • To correctly view schemas and sample instance documents, you must use Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. The spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel.

Prior Year Information:

Prior year fiduciary returns are included in our Individual MeF program. All schemas and developer information can be found using the 2012 and prior links in the box on the right.

August 31, 2015