Software Developers Guide:

The department will be able to accept test returns beginning when the IRS ATS becomes available for 2016. The testing system will be available year round. The beginning test date is subject to IRS availability and is subject to change.

There are two kinds of testing available. The first is required, the developer must submit test returns for each test script for all form types the developer supports and seeks approval for. The software developer may want to send an email indicating that test returns have been submitted. If the return passes validation, department personnel will review the return to ensure results match the scenario. The developer will be notified by email of test results.

Once a form type is approved, the developer may want to test with their own test cases. This is optional but recommended. The department will not ordinarily review these submissions, but the submissions will be validated against the XML schema and secondary validation (Business) rules. The department will provide test results in the form of an acknowledgement.

Software Providers wishing to participate in electronic filing in Wisconsin are required to submit a signed Letter of Intent prior to gaining access to schemas or test scenarios. Please email for information on participation. List MeF Participation in the subject line.

Wisconsin will implement a March 1 testing deadline.  We will continue to work with vendors that are in the process of obtaining form approval, but will not review any submissions for forms that vendors have not been actively testing.