Excise Tax Software Developers Guide - What's New


This change is not backwards compatible, so you will need to update to this version. The change removes three elements in the Form TT-100, corrects the Invoice/NumberSingleCigars to be an Integer rather than an amount on the TT-101C, changes an element name in the Form AB-605 and BT-605 to reflect the paper form having a Part 1 and Part 2, adds a line to Form BT-100 as Imported, and incorporates an updated Common folder which includes an updated FinancialTransaction, ReturnHeader, and State e-File Types.


This change is backwards compatible, so we will continue to accept returns created under V1.1 or V1.2. The change adds the Form BT-605 to the ExciseStateEnumerations which will allow the BT-605 to be filed electronically.


We are now able to process production excise returns that include attachments. Returns may still be filed without them. If you have attachments, the return must be zipped with the folder containing one XML return file and any attachment files. There should be no subdirectories within the ZIP file.

May 30, 2012