Wisconsin's Property Taxes at Historic Low

Prior to Governor Walker taking office, property taxes on a typical home had increased 27 percent over a decade. As a percentage of personal income, Wisconsin's property tax burden had ranked among the top 10 states for most of the previous three decades.

Since taking office, Governor Walker has sought to control property taxes with reforms that give local governments the tools to keep property taxes in check while also continuing needed services.

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It's working.

Today, as a percentage of personal income, Wisconsin's property tax burden is the lowest it has been since 1946.

Since Governor Walker took office in 2011, the typical homeowner has seen a decline of more than $103 on their tax bill. Cumulatively, that same homeowner saved more than $2,850 compared to what would have occurred under the previous four-year trend.

A $406 million property tax cut in 2014 helped reduce Wisconsin's overall net property tax levy by 2.3 percent, the first decrease since 1996-97.

These statistics and charts show real results and real money for real people.

Going forward, Governor Walker remains committed to holding the line on property taxes.

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