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Login and Access Process

Security of your information in My Tax Account is of utmost importance to us. That's why we require every user to have their own username and password. Our two-step security process requires you to have your own username to log into accounts. Learn about the connection of usernames to the two-step security process and the relationship of usernames to business account access by watching our Login Process video. Read our Users and Account Access section to get a detailed explanation of the relationship of usernames to business accounts you need to access.

Users and Account Access

The first user to request access receives 'Master' level access. All other users will receive 'Account Manager' access. The user with Master level access manages the access of Account Managers and third party preparers.

All users of My Tax Account need their own username. My Tax Account assigns usernames to individuals, not to businesses. Even though a Master, Account Manager, or third party preparer have access to business accounts, you cannot access those accounts until you have your own username and password. Once you complete the registration you need to request access to your business accounts. Learn more about the registration process and getting access to a business account with our Business Account Registration instructions or Registration video.

Graphic displaying the relationship between master account access and account manager access. 

Users and Security Code

Another reason each My Tax Account user needs to have their own username is My Tax Account sends a security code to the email or cell phone of the registered user. Because the security code is sent to their email or cell phone, you can't log in with the username of another individual, including co-workers or clients. When you register your account, you provide an email or cell phone number for My Tax Account to send you the login security code.

Security and Login Tips

February 13, 2018