Cigarette and Tobacco Products Forms, January through September 2019

Cigarette Tax Forms and Instructions

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Wisconsin Cigarette Tax Refund Claim for Native American Tribes (1/19)
CT-100Wisconsin Distributor's Cigarette Tax Return (12/18) – CT-100 Line Calculation Key
CT-101Uniform Cigarette Transaction Schedule (12/18)
CT-104Uniform Stamp Schedule (12/18)
CT-105Wisconsin Distributor's Cigarette Tax Return Out-of-State Permittees (12/18) – CT-105 Line Calculation Key
CT-114Quarterly Report of Wisconsin Tax-Paid Cigarettes Purchased (12/18)
CT-115Wisconsin Stamped Cigarette Sales To / Returns From Authorized Native American Retail Stores (1/19)
CT-117Cigarette Distributor Bad Debt Deduction for Uncollectible WI Cigarette Tax (6/18)
CT-118Uniform Cigarette Inventory Schedule (12/18)
CT-121sWI Combined Cigarette and Use Tax Return (01/18) | Fill-In Form
DE-105Wisconsin Excise Tax Payment Voucher (Fill-In Form)

Cigarette and Tobacco Products Permit and License Applications

CT-124Cigarette Vending Machine Locations (1/14) | Fill-In Form
CT-125Retail Cigarette Locations (4/14) | Fill-In Form
A-133Surety Bond (5/14) | Fill-In Form
CTP-129Cigarette and Tobacco/Vapor Products Permit Application (7/19) | Fill-In Form
CTP-134Cigarette and Tobacco/Vapor Products Salesperson's Permit Application (7/19) | Fill-In Form
CTP-200Application for Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retail License Fill-In Form

Tobacco Products Tax Forms and Instructions

Note: These forms must be electronically filed. Please go to My Tax Account

TT-001Native American Claim for Wisconsin Tobacco Products Tax Refund (11/13)
TT-100Wisconsin Distributor’s Tobacco Products Tax Return (12/18) – TT-100 Line Calculation Key (in-state); TT-100 Line Calculation Key (out-of-state)
TT-101Uniform Tobacco Products Transaction Schedule (12/18)
TT-104sWI Tobacco Products and Use Tax Return (01/18) | Fill-In Forms
TT-114Quarterly Report of Wisconsin Tax-Paid Tobacco Products Purchased (12/18)
TT-115Tobacco Products Sales To/Returns From Authorized Tribal Retailers (12/18)
TT-117Tobacco Products Distributor Bad Debt Deduction for Uncollectible WI Tobacco Products Taxes (6/18)

Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA)

CTP-120Certification by Participating Manufacturer (6/14) | Fill-In Form
CTP-121Certification by Non-Participating Manufacturer (6/14) | Fill-In Form
CTP-122Brand Summary List for Domestic (U.S.) Manufactured Cigarette Products (3/07) | Fill-In Form
  Form CTP-122a Schedule A: Brand Disclosure - Domestic Cigarettes (12/04) | Fill-In Form
  Form CTP-122b Schedule B: Brand Disclosure - Domestic Roll-Your-Own (12/04) | Fill-In Form
  Form CTP-122c Schedule C: Brand Disclosure - Domestic Little Cigars (12/04) | Fill-In Form
CTP-123Brand Summary List for Foreign Manufactured/Imported Cigarette Products (3/07) | Fill-In Form
  Form CTP-123a Schedule A: Brand Disclosure - Imported Cigarettes (12/04) | Fill-In Form
  Form CTP-123b Schedule B: Brand Disclosure - Imported Roll-Your-Own (12/04) | Fill-In Form
  Form CTP-123c Schedule C: Brand Disclosure - Imported Little Cigars (12/04) | Fill-In Form
CTP-124Checklist for Certification by Non-Participating Manufacturers or Participating Manufacturers (6/14) | Fill-In Form
CTP-130Certificate of Compliance by Non-Participating Manufacturer Regarding Escrow Payment (1/14) | Fill-In Form

July 24, 2019