Submitting Electronic Manufacturing M-Forms

Sec. 70.995, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is electronic filing (e-filing)?

  2. What are the benefits of e-filing my M-Form and what is required?

  3. Is there a fee to e-file with the manufacturing assessment system?

  4. Where do I find the electronic M-Forms?

  5. How do I know which M-Form to file?

  6. How do I start to e-file my M-Form?

  7. How do I add a schedule to the form?

  8. How do I submit the Fixed Asset List?

  9. While completing my M-Form, I answered some questions incorrectly. Can I change my answers?

  10. Can I view and print my return before filing it with DOR?

  11. Should I print, sign and send my return to DOR as a backup?

  12. Can I e-file an amended return?

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