Report Used for Apportionment of County Levy 2017

Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR)
Division of State and Local Finance
Equalization Bureau

Municipalities and counties use the Report Used for Apportionment of the County Levy to determine a municipality's share of the County Levy (tax).

Report includes

  • Each municipality's total Equalized Value, minus any tax increment amount, for all property within the municipality
  • Portion of the county's value that each municipality represents
  • Each Tax Incremental District's (TID) base value, current value and amount of increment

Definitions of terms in the report

  1. Equalized Value
    • DOR's full value estimate of the taxable property in a taxation district
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  2. Tax Incremental District (TID)
    • A TID is a geographic area within a municipality created for development or rehabilitation
    • Increment is any increase in value above the TID's original base value. Taxes generated by the increment are used to pay eligible TID project costs.
      • The overlying school district, technical college and county do not share in the taxes generated by the TID increment until the district is terminated
      • Property taxes of the overlying school district, technical college and county are apportioned based on the Equalized Value minus the TID increment

Report of County Apportionment

If you have questions, contact the Equalization Bureau District Office​ in your area.