Merge-Ready Forms

Some developers serve their clients by maintaining and providing the data necessary for filing forms with the Department of Revenue (DOR). Many do this by reproducing DOR forms within their own product. Often, this will involve extensive programming by the developer to validate and ensure acceptance of the data before submittal. This can be very time-consuming for the developer, especially when the form is frequently revised.

DOR Merge-Ready forms are:

  • Easy to obtain, easy to implement and easy to submit
  • Already programmed with DOR validation rules
  • Always the most current version of the form

Simply call our web service to obtain the template, paste your valid XML data into the template and render the PDF form for your client.

Here Are the Steps

  1. Build a web service client

    Your application should contain a web service client configured to call our GetTemplate web service. We recommend that you build your proxy by using one of the WSDL files listed below; running a discovery routine against the web service method tends to result in inaccessible URLs. The test WSDL results in a client that retrieves a test version of the form you request.

  2. Obtain the template

    The template is simply an XML string that includes a Base64-encoded version of our form (PDF). You obtain the template by passing the name of the desired form as a parameter in your web service request. The available form names are provided in the "Available Forms" table below. If you build your product to retrieve the form each time your user wishes to interact with it, you will always provide your customer with our most current version.

  3. Insert your data

    Within the template you will find a node "<YourDataHere> </YourDataHere>". Simply paste your valid XML data within this node. (Make sure your XML data does not include the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> XML declaration at the top.)

  4. Change the file extension

    Save the template containing your data as a file with the extension, ".xdp".

  5. Render the form

    Adobe Reader knows how to open .xdp files, but a current version of Reader must be used to complete and submit the form (logic to verify the Reader version is usually built into our forms). Before the data is merged into the form, it is validated against the schema. If valid, the data is merged with the form and is tested against the rules built into the form before allowing submission. If the data is not valid, the form will still behave like a proper form; it will allow manual data entry, validate input and facilitate submission.

Available Forms

FormName/DescriptionSchema Location
SLF_AAR.pdf2019 Annual Assessment Report

Contact Us

For questions or to request that a specific form be made merge-ready, send an email with the words "XML Merge File Question" in the subject line.