Revised Municipal and County Levy Limit Worksheets for 2007

ATTENTION: Municipal and County Clerks and Treasurers

The Division of State and Local Finance is revising its Municipal and County Levy Limit Worksheets for the 2007 local property tax levy in accordance with new guidelines created by the passage of the 2007-2009 State Budget, and subsequent amendatory veto by Governor Doyle. The up to date Levy Limits Worksheets will be mailed to each local government no later than November 8 and should be available for budgeting purposes no later than November 9. Copies may also be obtained from your state association as well after November 7.

Please do not call our division directly for the revised figures as each local government's final percentages are affected by up to 16 different factors. In general, the Governor's amendatory veto increased the minimum percentage the local property tax limit may exceed the 2006 actual imposed levy (not the limits) without going to a taxpayer referendum by 3.86 percent, or by the 2007 percentage growth caused by net new construction (including that within tax incremental finance districts) over 2006 total equalized value; whichever is greater. Net new construction figures are listed by first County, and then Municipality on our website.

Daniel F. Elsass
Administrator, Division of State and Local Finance

Page last updated November 6, 2007