Fuel Tax Forms

Form Name Description
  (Fill-in form)
Fuel Tax Refund Claim (10/13) | Instructions (3/14)
MF-002 Instructions Wisconsin Combined Monthly Fuel Summary Report (10/13)
MF-002T Schedule of Transactions (1/13)
  (Fill-in form)
Retailer's Claim for Gasoline Tax Refund (2/12) | Instructions
MF-007 Licensed Alternate Fuels Dealer or User Report (6/12)
MF-010M Schedule 10M - Terminal Operator's Schedule of Meter Readings (2/12)
MF-011 Instructions - Licensed General Aviation Fuel Dealer or User Report (3/14)
  (Fill-in form)
Vendors Claim for Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Refund (including the Petroleum Inspection Fee) (12/13)
MF-015 Claim for the General Aviation Petroleum Inspection Fee Refund (12/13)
  (Fill-in form)
Wholesaler Distributor Claim for Tax Refund Uncollectible Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Fuel Taxes (12/13)
MF-017 Instructions Wisconsin Blender's Fuel Report (12/13)
MF-100 Application for Fuel License (4/14) | Fill-In Form
  (Fill-in form)
Registration for Vendor Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Refunds (3/14)
MF-113 Invoice Requirements for Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Refund Claims (1/12)
MF-205 Alcohol Fuel Tax Report (2/14)
MF-207 Certificate of Authorization for Bulk Alternate Fuel Purchasers (2/14)
MF-208 Certificate of Exemption for General Aviation Fuel Tax (3/14)
MF-209 Certificate of Fuel Tax Exemption - Exempt Sales of Gasoline and Undyed Diesel Fuel (2/14) | Fill-In Form

Last updated April 1, 2014