Statistical Report of Property Values 2013

Division of State and Local Finance
Equalization Bureau

State law requires the Department of Revenue to make a report to each County Board showing the work of local assessors related to the assessed values and full values of property in each taxation district. This information must be filed with the County Clerk. (Sec. 73.06(5), Wis. Stats.)

DOR provides the following information to each county through the Internet.

  1. 2013 Certification of State Assessment: Certification signed by the Revenue Secretary and Stratified State Assessment by county.
  2. 2013 Statement of Assessments:
  3. 2013 Statement of Equalized Values: Equalized Values by class of property for each municipality.
  4. 2013 Summary of Aggregate Ratios:
  5. 2013 County Apportionment Report All Property: Equalized value reduced by the Tax Incremental District (TID) Value Increment.

December 11, 2013